A Modern Dealership Experience

A beautiful 2015 Toyota Highlander hanging out in our front lot.

When you thought about the 21st Century initially, did you think of flying cars? Sounds like a great concept, in theory, but what are the ways it could improve our lives more so than the expansion of digital communication? That is, unless we were able to travel safely in a flying car from A to B at the speed of a Google search. (Dangerous, no?)

With the digital age upon us and constantly growing, ways of life are changing from personal to business. How we connect with people, brands, buy and sell is affected by the world around us. Ratings, reviews, media and accessibility to products and services drive us to choose business A over business B. To some, the many avenues to solve a problem or make a purchase is way too clouded with digital noise and to others, every new avenue on either end is an opportunity.  The concept behind a modern car dealership experience should be no different.

We’re taking a dive into the modern dealership experience here at Labadie Toyota, But wait! Before you think we’re going completely all digital, let me clarify, we’re not.

The modern dealership experience is simply this; excellent buying experience while we provide you with the tools and lines of communication to reach out to our various departments. This year we launched a brand new (and ever expanding) website for mobile, desktop, tablet and game console viewing convenience. We now can connect with you through email, phone, texting, social media messaging (Facebook, etc) and the old-fashion method of you stopping by to visit us. :) We’re listening to your suggestions and we focus on the areas of opportunity may be for further revision. Lastly, we’re still putting you in contact with a real, live, human sales professional who will guide you in the right direction. This is very good news for you and it is all apart of our efforts to provide our take on the modern dealership experience.

Labadie Toyota Dealership (Oct. 2016) http://www.labadietoyota.com

Buying or leasing a vehicle should not be a complex and painful event. It should be as simple as you viewing what you are interested in, maybe trying something new and working with a highly-trained, professional sales consultant who will guide you in the best direction. After the sales process is complete, you’re always welcome to visit us, ask questions in regards to your vehicle and gain the best possible feedback on your vehicle’s needs from day one to the day you’re ready to trade-in or buy again. Simple. Right?

As we progress in the days and years to come, our goal is to help you in any way we can in regards to your vehicle purchase, lease and/or maintenance needs. We continue to train on the latest technologies, implement new tools/ lines of communication and refine our day-to-day process to ensure your experience at Labadie Toyota is a great one! We’ve said it many times and truly believe that if it was not for you helping us along the way, we wouldn’t be here today.


Labadie Toyota Dealership Facebook page (Oct. 2016) http://www.labadietoyota.com

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and continue to welcome your support as we build, refine and ultimately define the modern dealership experience in the 21st century. Don’t be a stranger; give us a call, send us a message on Facebook, comment on our videos or stop by and see what we have going on. We definitely would like to know what’s working, what may be missing and what we should keep doing. :)

We’ll see you soon!


Published by Labadie Auto Company

Welcome to Labadie Auto Company! We specialize in automotive sales, service and parts! We have new GMC, Buick, Cadillac and Toyota vehicles for sale as well as gently preowned vehicles of all makes and models. In 2016, Labadie Auto Company celebrated 70 years of being in automotive sales. We welcome you to visit our beautiful dealerships and online sites as well. Aside from this blog, we're on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube! We strive to keep you informed on the best deals, newest inventory, parts/accessories specials, amazing services and happenings in our community. Stop by, call or click for more information! Labadie Buick GMC Cadillac - 989-667-2000 www.labadiegm.com www.labadiecadillac.com Labadie Toyota - 989-684-2222 www.labadietoyota.com Email: contact@labadieauto.com

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