Something a Brewin’ at Labadie Toyota

The All-New Starbucks Coffee Machine arrived at Labadie Toyota this week.

Motivation for most of us often times comes in hot cup of coffee. So we decided to kick it up a notch by bringing some high quality coffee to get the job done. A Starbucks coffee machine was the answer!

Whether you’re into coffee or hot chocolate, this new Starbucks machine makes it happen. The professional coffee connoisseurs (sales professionals) have taken a likening to this life changing piece of equipment. The reviews are in and here is what they have to say about it.


“I was very happy to see that we brought in a Starbucks area to our waiting room. I love Starbucks and I’m sure many of our customers feel the same. Our great service area just got better! “Michael Cull (Sales Professional)

“The new Starbucks machine literally BLEW my mind. We are basically a coffee house now. Free Starbucks…….insane!”Justin Stilson (Sales Professional)

And others quipped…

“The new coffee machine is amazing! Unfortunately, you have to wait for the machine to pick the beans, roast them and then grind them to perfection. It’s worth the wait!”Al Gradowski (Sales Professional)

“The coffee at Labadie Toyota is so fresh, rumor has it that the Starbucks machine has direct plumbing to South America….” Shawn Garson (Sales Professional)

These are just some of the comments of the great reviews here at Labadie Toyota. With that in mind, we’d love to know what you think about our latest addition. Please feel free to write us or leave a comment!

Oh, did we mention it is FREE coffee? (Always a plus!)

Another great way to enjoy your time here at Labadie Toyota!


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