43 Years and Counting

Bill “Billy” Winchell pauses for a moment for a pose and reflect on 43 years as a Detail Specialist.

43 years ago this November, a young, 17 year old started washing and detailing vehicles in 1973. That 17 year old was Bill Winchell. When Bill started, the dealership was owned by Garber Jeep Eagle (eventually purchased by Labadie Auto Company). Throughout the years he has seen many changes, people come and go and has detailed more vehicles than we can imagine. Bill mentioned that for a brief time, he tried his hand at some mechanical work. He shadowed a mechanic early on and performed tune-ups. However, he found it just was not his calling. That is when Bill decided he would continue to be a Detail Specialist.

Vehicle detailing is a very tedious line of work plagued with various challenges. It takes a certain person to know the best techniques for removing stains, treating particular fabrics, accessing the crevices to remove tiny debris and ultimately apply the perfect final touch. Tedious and timely don’t necessarily work well together, yet, if you’re a seasoned veteran like Bill, you know the tricks of the trade.

It is a rarity to not see Bill smiling. He enjoys what he does and it shows in both a smile and in his work.

Aside from vehicle detailing, Bill “Billy” is a good spirited individual. Most often you’ll see him smile and wave, wish you a good morning and/or tell you an interesting story about his latest hunting adventures. In the summer months, when the shops are very warm, Bill collects pop cans from around the dealership and purchases ice cream for all to enjoy.

We are very fortunate to have a gentleman here like Bill Winchell. He is a solid representative of the men and women who work here at Labadie Toyota. He is an excellent example of how we are dedicated to our craft, passionate about helping others and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bill for his service and time here at Labadie Toyota!


4 thoughts on “43 Years and Counting

  1. Congrats Bill!! There’s not many guys out there that show the respect and loyalty for their jobs!! You have gone Above and Beyond!! They’ll surely Miss you when you’re gone!! You really are the Best!! Awesome article!! Thank you for putting him on top!! He deserves the Best!! Love you Brother!!

  2. This is Bills mom Barbara Winchell. I’m so very proud of my son Bill. There’s not many people who love their job like Bill does. This is such a Wonderful article about a truly inspirational person. I’m so very proud to be his mother. Thank you for this Wonderful recognition!! I’m sure he’s going to be missed. He does Outstanding work! Thank you to the wonderful person who wrote this! Congratulations to your retirement Bill!! I love you with all my heart!! Mom 💞💞

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