Happy Halloween!

This year’s Halloween photo of Labadie Toyota. (Digitally modified)

Last night, the terrors of Halloween unleashed through out. Our stronghold (the dealership) held. We have a mighty team with a determination to withstand the strange, the scary and everything else that goes “bump” in the night. Ghosts roamed the halls, large spiders skittered from the ceiling tiles and staplers…yes, staplers flew about like bats on a mission. The terrors of the night decided to have some fun.

One shaken salesperson stated “It was pandemonium! Tried to work with customers and monsters stirred about…they did as they pleased! ”

Another salesperson, strong willed in nature, commented “We’re trained in these sort of things. Odd instances, strange happenings, potential distractions…it’s the nature of the business. If getting someone into the right vehicle means dodging a few flying haunted staplers, then we’ll do it!”
At one point an earthquake occurred and a chasm opened up in the newly paved parking lot. A large, flying beast in the sky swooped down and took a chunk out of the building. However, the folks at Labadie Toyota, pressed on. It was just another Halloween and they were prepared.

One sales person stated that he gave advice to this year’s newcomers. “I told them. Things get scary real around Halloween…and that’s all I told them.”

Others had advice for surviving. “Typically, I grab a cup of coffee or two, a newspaper and wait it out if I’m not busy. This happens every year. What I’ve found that works is…if you give the ghosts and goblins candy, they go away.”

And there you have it folks,  another Halloween in the books. Oh do we wonder if next year will be the same? Only time will tell… [The End]

From all of your friends here at Labadie Toyota, please be safe, have fun and have a Happy Halloween!


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