“Secret Mission Scion” – Behind the Scenes

Sales Professionals, Justin Stilson (left) and Shawn Garson (right) pose in the final shot of the “Secret Mission Scion” online promo for Labadie Toyota

It takes a bit of creativity, boldness and a hint of craziness to act out a character whether in front of a live audience or camera. When Sales Professionals Justin Stilson and Shawn Garson were approached about the last Scion promo for Labadie Toyota, they were intrigued.

The promo titled “Secret Mission Scion” is obviously a spy/secret agent/James Bond parody. Agent 11, played by Justin Stilson, visits his trusty and eccentric mastermind inventor dubbed “Z” to show him the latest innovative mobile toy. (This is where the 2016 Scion TC is shown off.) The promo plays out from beginning to end in a semi serious, witty fashion. Justin and Shawn clearly nail down the mannerisms of their characters. Shawn especially tops it off with an unrecognizable, fun and quirky accent. (Most fitting for his character) For a first time gig produced in this style and genre it, these gentleman appeared comfortable in their roles and in front of the camera.

Sales Professional, Shawn Garson, playing as eccentric inventor “Z”

The promo released midday on October 26th, 2016 on our Facebook page. It reached over 2,000 people in a matter of hours with over 100 views per hour. It continues to climb at the writing of this article.

Writer and director, Taylor A. Gradowski (producer of the Labadie Toyota 2016 4th of July promo) believes another promo featuring these two characters may happen. As with any production, even on a small scale, there is always a bit of preparation needed beforehand.  Location and script is discussed, scenes are practiced, lighting tests and camera angles are just some of the things to consider to get the right look.

Nonetheless, the folks here at Labadie Toyota are quite creative, willing to collaborate and enjoy a bit of fun. The car business is serious business, yet to keep going you have to have fun every once in awhile.

If you’ve seen this latest video promo online and enjoyed it, we thank you for your support! We look forward to keeping you informed on our products and services available while sharing a good laugh with you as well!  Stay tuned and keep watch, because you never know what we’ll come up with next!

Sales Professional, Justin Stilson, posing for a behind-the-scenes still.





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