Man with the Toyota Rental – Behind-the-Scenes

Opening title screen shot to the 2016 Labadie Toyota Rental promo short

On Thursday, December 1st, the latest adventure with Agent 11 and Inventor Z released on the Labadie Toyota Facebook and Youtube. This time, Agent 11 has infiltrated a classified bad guy facility, set an explosive device and rushed out with intentions to light it up like the 4th of July. As an amazing secret agent that he is, he succeeds. Unfortunately, he forgot to drive away in his car, leaving him stranded in a cold, snowy environment. To his aid though is his trusty Inventor, Z, whom he inquires about a vehicle replacement. (A Toyota Rental to be exact)  Hilarity ensues.

Of course the effects are cheesy, the acting is as real as it gets and Justin Stilson (Agent 11) and Shawn Garson (Inventor Z) reprise their roles flawlessly from their initial introduction in the promo “Secret Mission Scion.” This time they are joined by the talented Labadie Toyota Rental Manager, Tim Kolka, who plays as himself opposite of Justin’s character, like a pro.

What does it take to put Agent 11 in a rough environment with some high tech explosive gear? Green screen and imagination. Take a look.

Justin Stilson (Sales Professional) as Agent 11 – Green Screen Set
Justin Stilson (Sales Professional) as Agent 11 – Final Composition
Shawn Garson (Sales Professional) as Inventor Z – Green Screen Set
Shawn Garson (Sales Professional) as Inventor Z in Hologram form – Final Composition
Tim Kolka ( Labadie Toyota Rental Manager) across the desk from an inquiring Agent 11

At the end of the day, the folks at Labadie Toyota will do what it takes to offer you great service when it comes to our variety of services such as Toyota Rental. The narrative is for your informative enjoyment. :)

You can choose and schedule your Toyota Rental here:

Thank you for being a part of the fun!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? – Give us a call, email, message us on Facebook or stop by. We love hearing from our customers and we gladly welcome newcomers as well! Come enjoy the new modern dealership experience with the most friendly, fun and professional staff here at Labadie Toyota! :)

“The Man with the Toyota Rental”
Written & Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Agent 11 – Justin Stilson
Inventor Z – Shawn Garson
Toyota Rental Manager – Tim Kolka

Music & Sound Licensed by:
B-Roll Effects & Imagery Licensed by:


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