Adoption Success Story: Rick

Rich with his new parents!

Rick is a 4-month-old calico long-haired kitten who was trapped by HSBC TNR volunteers with his feral mother and two littermates. While the mother cat was very wild and had to be returned to her outdoor home after her spay surgery, Rick and his two siblings were so tame that they were taken into our HSBC Cat Foster/Adoption Program for spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations before being put up for adoption.

Unfortunately, Rick’s long hair was so matted that it was an impossible job for our volunteers to comb him out. At that point, Sudsy Puppy came to the rescue by giving the HSBC a reduced price for de-matting and bathing Rick, plus clipping his nails since Rick was a rescue kitten. Right around that time a local couple who was looking to adopt a long-haired kitten contacted our HSBC website, and within a week they came to Rick’s foster home to meet him. They were immediately smitten and adopted Rick into their family, which also includes two adult cats. Rick is now fitting in fine in his first forever indoor home.

The Humane Society of Bay County is seeking foster homes for adoptable cats and dogs. Interested individuals and families must fill out an application, be willing to have a home visit prior to placement, provide food, water, litter, treats, etc., and be willing to pick up and/or drop off animals at adoption events. The animals will have been sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed, and treated for fleas prior to fostering. The HSBC will cover costs for vet care if needed.

Please contact Cheryl McKenzie, HSBC Cat Foster Coordinator, or Stephanie Beiser, Dog Foster Coordinator, for more information at 989-893-0451 or email and – open your heart and home to save the life of an animal in need!


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